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Welcome to the Miramonte Resort & Spa Blog. Our California resort provides you with a place to share your favorite Miramonte Resort memory or experience in Palm Desert. Read, post, share and become part of the community.


Earth Day, Every Day

Posted by Kristin Yantis  |  April 22, 2010

Practical tips on how to make minor changes that make a big difference to the environment.

Today, we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Earth Day, a day, which was designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. The annual recognition first began in 1970 when U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson developed it as an environmental teach-in.

Since 1970, Earth Day has grown to raise global awareness of the Earth, its resources and how we can protect them. The phrase “think globally, act locally” is often use to remind everyone that they can make a different in their own community. There are numerous small things we can all do that make a big difference. At Miramonte Resort & Spa, the property has taken this phrase to heart and is making numerous changes to operate in a more sustainable way. Following are just a few examples of how this is happening on a daily basis:

•    Bicycles are used for room service delivery around the resort.
•    Employees are encouraged to carpool and received 50 percent off bus passes.
•    Energy management systems are in place to adjust the temperatures in vacant rooms.
•    Lighting throughout the resort has been changed to energy efficient systems.
•    The landscaping at the resort has changed for more efficient water use.
•    Eco-friendly products are being used.

Another three-dozen or more basic changes have been made at the resort that make a big difference. Many of the examples noted above are things we can all do on a daily basis. Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen’s The Green Book offers hundreds of practical tips on how to make minor changes that make a big difference to the environment. The book addresses everything from green travel to health and beauty, shopping and much more.

Every day is Earth Day and by incorporating tips like those Miramonte has enacted, following suggestions in The Green Book or developing your own creative ways to conserve, these small changes put the environment top of mind on April 22 and the 364 additional days of the year.


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