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Welcome to the Miramonte Resort & Spa Blog. Our California resort provides you with a place to share your favorite Miramonte Resort memory or experience in Palm Desert. Read, post, share and become part of the community.


How to Make A Classic Mojito: Instructions, Ingredients and Video Demo

Posted by Laura Hunt Little  |  November 06, 2013

by Lisa Keating, Encino Mom TV

This recipe for a Classic Mojito comes to us courtesy of Award Winning Mixologist, Natasha Garcia. We caught up with Natasha on a recent sunny afternoon (108˚), outside of Palm Springs, California at the Miramonte Resort & Spa. This refreshing cocktail was the perfect pick for the paint peeling temperatures outside. You can easily make this beverage non-alcoholic by omitting the rum and increasing the amount of lime juice, simple syrup and club soda proportionately. The muddled mint and fresh lime juice make this drink a hit either way.


What is muddling, anyway? Muddling is the process of releasing and combining the flavors of fresh ingredients. Similar to the mortar and pestle used for crushing and combining dried ingredients, muddling is not meant to pulverize. It’s more like an introduction. Introduce the lime wedge to the mint leaves. Encourage them to mix and mingle and engage in a convivial manner. As Natasha points out in the video, we don’t want to bruise the ingredients, but rather release their flavors.


Mojito Recipe


Muddle together:

1 Fresh Lime Wedge 1 Tablesoon Fresh Mint Leaves (we used Chocolate Mint grown on site at the resort for an extra layer of flavor) 1 Jigger of Rum (11/2 ounces, Silver – unspiced)

Fill Shaker With Crushed Ice and Add:

4 Oz. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice (approx. 2 limes) 1 Oz. +/- to taste Simply Syrup (basically cooked sugar water, here’s a recipe for your convenience or substitute Agavé syrup)


Shake vigorously while smiling.

Top with:

2 Oz. Club Soda 1 Fresh Lime Wedge


If you want to get fancy, you could sugar the rim of your glass. Run a piece of fresh lime around the rim of your serving glass to coat it with lime juice. Immediately, dip glass rim in a dish of coarse sugar. Turn glass upright and pour mojito from shaker into glass. Add club soda, lime wedge and a straw. Serve.


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Miramonte Resort & Spa sends a special THANK YOU to Lisa Keating and her team for coming out to visit and feature the resort and some of our specialities on her video blog. Visit her at for more of her adventures in Palm Springs and other fantastic video blog posts.


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