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Wedding ceremonies are magical in any of Miramonte Resort's outdoor wedding locations in Palm Springs. Miramonte offers the most unique destination wedding locations that boast unparallel scenery and unforgettable memories.

Wedding Ceremony Space

Elegant archways frame the majestic Santa Rosa Mountains, creating an idyllic location for your wedding ceremony or intimate reception.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Miramonte Green
A majestic Olive Tree is the centerpiece of this luscious half-moon lawn amidst picturesque garden pathways.

Mediterranean Lawn Ceremony

Mediterranean Lawn
An ideal venue for your wedding aisle with added privacy provided by a Tuscan wall, bougainvillea and elaborate gateways.

Olive Grove Sunset

Olive Grove
Olive trees create a naturally spectacular shaded setting in daylight and are strewn with lights that twinkle to illuminate your event and dazzle your guests after sunset.

Indoor Wedding Venues

There are moments when a sudden, unexpected connection is made somewhere in the world, powerful and undeniable. When the energy is exactly right, it doesn't matter where you are. Things just happen as they should.

Paul McDonald, "A Waltz at the End of the Earth"