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Join us for one of our culinary special events at Miramonte Resort & Spa.

Sassy & Sultry

Happy Hour

Every Thursday evening, The Vineyard Lounge at Miramonte Resort & Spa presents a "Sassy and Sultry" happy hour. Guests will be treated to hot sounds and smooth wines in a classic Mediterranean atmosphere. Featuring the rock-soul-jazz recording artist Gina Carey; gourmet sliders, tacos & carnitas; choice fine wines and $5 well drinks.


Give thanks for the farmers, and for everyone in the long chain from soil to mouth via sun and rain. Give thanks for the plenty in our lives. Let every mouthful remind us of the privilege of being alive and more-than-adequately fed, of being among like-minded souls, and sharing a wholesome, flavorsome meal.

Modern Prayer from Sicily, Italy