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The Well Spa Offers Lifestyle Tips and At Home Recipes To Turn Your Home Into A Spa

To renew the mind, body and soul all you need is to create an at-home oasis.

(INDIAN WELLS, Calif.) - Turn off the phone, hide the remote control, and take a deep breath-it's time to relax! To renew the mind, body and soul all you need is to create an at-home oasis. With some simple tips from THE WELL Spa it's easier than you think.

"To benefit from any TLC or spa treatments at home, taking the time to disconnect from the outside world is a must," says THE WELL Spa's director Jennifer Di Francesco. "Finding a quite place and tuning out all distractions will help your mind relax. A relaxed mind contributes to a more beautiful and healthy body, and spirit. And, what could be better and more convenient than pampering at home?"

Di Francesco suggests the following tips and recipes to help create a peaceful and pampering spa experience at home:

Follow the four components of healthy living:

  1. Therapeutic treatments-Devote a part of each day to pampering with an at home mini spa treatment or bath. Gather all the items you will need for a specific indulgence before hand-from candles to drinking water or bath salts, the more you do ahead of time, the longer you can enjoy the experience.
  2. Eat Well-Integrate a healthy approach to eating by eating leaner meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.
  3. Keep Moving-Whether it's walking, jogging or yoga - you need to get exercise at least 3 days a week.
  4. Peace of Mind-Take time for you; find a ritual in your day that calms the mind and spirit. Below is a quick breathing techniques that will take literary 10-15 minutes:
  • Take a few deep, cleansing breaths to begin
  • Clear the mind of all outside thoughts and concerns
  • Mindfully tell each of the muscle groups to relax-start with the face, move on to the neck, shoulders, legs, and finish with the toes

When creating your next at home pampering session try mixing up one of the following skin soothers:

Cooling Summer Skin Saver:

1 cup Aloe Vera Gel
8 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
20 drops of Vitamin E

Apply this solution to the skin after exposure to the sun

Lemon Massage Oil:

6 oz Grape Seed Oil
1 oz Wheat Germ
1 oz Avocado
10 drops Vitamin E
20 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Use this great oil as a nourishing moisturizer or sensual massage oil

Lemon Toner

1 cup Witch Hazel
1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
Zest from Lemon or Lemon Essential Oil

Apply to facial skin after cleaning and before moisturizing (This solution is particularly good for oily skin types, since lemon oil has astringent properties.)

For more information or to book a treatment at THE WELL Spa, call 760.837.1652 or The Well Spa.

Miramonte Resort & Spa brings the spirit of the Mediterranean to the California desert community of Indian Wells, just minutes from Palm Springs. The intimate village, featuring THE WELL Spa, Coachella Valley's only Mobil-rated destination spa, and Mediterranean-inspired Ristorante Brissago, offer guests an unforgettable experience in an extraordinary environment. Whether a stay at Miramonte Resort & Spa is for serious business or pure pleasure, it is sure to be a memorable one. For more information, or to make reservations, please visit

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