Chill in Cali’s Wellness Valley This Fall

School, work and the beat of life’s drum resume in the transitional season of fall. The changes in nature and our routine show us it’s a good time to plunge into some self-care. Don’t just dream of getting a massage, pampering your senses and restoring your mind-body-soul vitality – the mellowing of Palm Springs’ hot summer weather will provide you with much-need respite in an area famed for its spirit of wellness.


What Do We Mean by Wellness?

Wellness is feeling, looking and being good at the same time. It’s a triad built on harmony with the self, others and the world around us, and the movement has been catching on fast in this hectic 21st century we live in.

When you’re at your best, your surroundings will endow you with even more blessings. This principle is the cornerstone of wellness – nurturing it in ourselves so it can take root in others and positively impact our physical and spiritual worlds.

And wellness resides naturally in Greater Palm Springs. The warm climate bathing us in Vitamin D-packed sunshine all year round, the succulent shrubs and rustic palm trees, plus the laidback vibe of the tight-knit community make this oasis a favorite destination to recover your mojo.


Refilling Your Well with Us

Wellness and TLC can spiral to the bottom of our priority list at the blink of an eye. It’s important to schedule time with yourself every day doing something exclusively for you. This reboots your productivity mode and refocuses your energy into the one source you derive all life from.

Miramonte Resort & Spa is brimming with facilities to restore your health and wellbeing. Here’s what you can look forward to if you’re currently running through a dry spell.

Well Spa

With a simple name that belies the impact it can have on you, our Well Spa is the stuff of legend. Tucked in the shadows of the Santa Rosa Mountains and flanked by desert flora, we draw physical and spiritual nourishment for our clients from the dryness of the desert.

With 9 outdoor treatment rooms and 3 outdoor relaxation spaces fashioned in our signature wellness style, no detail of your experience will be overlooked.

Try the Himalayan Salt Stone Mineral Massage for a serious full-body perk-up or the Vitamin C Facial to boost your face’s natural healing properties. Check out the power of our spa in all its glory.

Full Moon Yoga and Weekly Classes

All too often, commitments in the modern-day lifestyle tend to overshadow our efforts to maintain such a healthy balance. You can work some great practices such as yoga to transform your daily life into something that stays amazing and fulfilling, no matter the circumstances.

From October 13, guests can attend yoga classes beginning at 10:30 AM. The one-hour flow of yoga poses helps ease the strain on mind and body, leaving you cleansed and rejuvenated.

Full moon yoga will also be held on October 24, November 23 and December 22. Class begins at 7:00 PM in the beautiful stance of the moonlit night and progresses into an intimate evening of outdoor meditation by the light of candles.

This session costs $10 and requires participants to bring their own mat and supplies.

Farm-to-Fork Cuisine

To crown our efforts in bringing you the purest wellness product we can muster, we present you our farm-to-fork cuisine. Our resort’s dining aesthetic is an exclusive occasion to sample wholesome, organic food sourced from the hands of Palm Springs’ Mother Nature itself.

Get a bite off a scrumptious slice of medjool date bread, fresh fruit and toasted quinoa while sipping a detoxifying chai tea. It’s all on the menu!

Sage-Burning Ceremony

A perennial highlight on our wellness calendar, our sage-burning ceremony is a ritual of symbolic significance intended to relieve us of life pressures that no longer serve us. Join us every Friday from October 5 in celebrating the purifying properties of sage and using its mystical charm to propel us forward in the right path in life.

Once you’re back home, keep the glimmer going. Start by incorporating mindful tweaks to your habits, including healthy eating, exercise, quality time with loved ones, and perhaps even meditation or allotting enough time to pursue your passion. You’ll soon find you can weather storms and ride crests much better when you’re fully connected to this wellness maxim!


Rediscover Your Best Self at Wellspring

Palm Springs is the desert jewel of California, and we’ve helped countless people tap into their matted brilliance and emerge newly reinvigorated. We all need a little spoiling from time to time, but it’s not just about alternative yoga mantras and fancy spa packages.

The Wellspring event in Downtown Palm Springs is going beyond the cookie-cutter version of wellness that exists in the public mind. Taking place on the weekend spanning October 26 to 29, it’s a festival of thinking and doing wellness the right way.

There will be more than 200 classes inspiring people to invite holistic wellbeing into their lives throughout the fair, with workshops, panels and activities designed for everyone to benefit from and participate in.

Russell Brand, among others, will be headlining the event with his unique brand (pun intended!) of witty philosophy on contemporary living and how self-improvement can drive progress on many levels. Other experts will join him in laying out the potential for all of us to create a beautiful existence, our individual soul at intertwined with and at peace with the larger collective.


Practice. Think. Sweat. Restore.

These are the four pillars of the festival. Concepts that flow into each other, you can glide from lectures by knowledgeable wellness veterans to getting your blood pumping with HIIT workouts and gently spinning off to a conclusion with Ayurveda and Reiki stretching under one roof.

Learn from the masters and humble yourself to the perspective of a wonder-filled child. You can remain in this streak of supple lightness at our resort. Comfortable cocooned at a walkable distance from the three-day event, our mountain-flecked exterior and air interior spaces can be your wellness temple for the weekend.

Get the treatment you’ve been craving or simply relax and unwind with our vast selection of amenities as you squeeze the wholesome essence of Palm Springs.

For tickets and more information, take a wander around the Wellspring website. Namaste!