Health benefits of fresh air, rest, and relaxation

By Jackie Greene

Your phone and laptop aren’t the only things that need recharging. When’s the last time you escaped for a long weekend trip or better yet, for a week-long vacation in California? It’s no surprise that California is within the top ten states with the highest quality of living. Beautiful weather conditions, access to some of the most beautiful cities, and the best resorts in the country. Take full advantage of your surroundings by enjoying the health benefits that come with an alluring atmosphere. Here are a few of the many health benefits of being outdoors and enjoying a relaxing week or weekend.

1. It can lower your blood pressure

Doctors say fresh air helps with many health challenges people face, like high blood pressure and heart rates. By spending times outdoors, you may see your blood pressure and heart rate decrease.

2. It strengthens your immune system

Breathing the fresh air–away from the city, out in nature and the open air–can be one of the healthiest things you can do. Those deep breaths of fresh air you can take can help your immune system reset and increase so you can fight off colds and bugs.

3. Allows your body to heal and recover

When you rest, your body can recover and heal. Your muscles can repair themselves from daily wear and tear or more severe injuries from sports or other activities. Stepping outside of your daily routine and participating in activities that may not be your daily norm may be just what you need. A weekend at the Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa may be just what the doctor ordered. Here, you can enjoy the surrounding beauty of Palm Springs while taking part in a game of bocce ball or tennis. Take a dip in the pool then pamper yourself with a massage at the spa. Your body will thank you for it.

4. Recharges your brain

It’s easy for the everyday hustle-and-bustle to stack up to-do lists and never-ending thoughts. Utilize your resting time to meditate and allow your thoughts to pass by. Meditation is one of the leading methods used to relieve stress. Your brain can recharge as you take time to rest and relax–and this helps improve your memory and ability to learn.

5. It improves sleep habits

Quality sleep can help your energy levels increase over time. The amount of quality rest you need depends on your age, lifestyle, and habits. But a weekend of de-stressing can teach you how to relax and help you get closer to the correct number of quality sleep hours you need.

6. Inspires you to eat well

When you’re enjoying rock climbing, golfing and playing tennis, you’ll be less tempted to snack on junk food. After that relaxing massage at Miramonte’s award-winning well spa, take a stroll through the citrus and herb garden. Then enjoy these fruits and herbs at the Citrus & Palm restaurant. This farm to fork cuisine is not only healthy, it’s delicious!

Don’t put off your visit to this oasis in Indian Wells. The fresh air, rest, and relaxation may just be a lifesaver.

Jackie Greene is a blogger, gardener, and nutrition enthusiast. She enjoys creating organic meals for family and friends using the fresh ingredients she produces from her backyard homestead.