Thanksgiving with a Difference

While the northern states shiver in plummeting temperatures as they prepare for a snug Thanksgiving celebrated around food-stuffed tables and fireplaces, we’re bathing in gratitude for the winter sunshine in the sunny state of California.

On the day we count our blessings and give thanks to the Earth and our loved ones for our good fortunes, Miramonte Resort & Spa is pulling out all the stops for this national holiday.


Tall desert palm trees flanked by the snow-sprinkled San Jacinto-Santa Rosa Mountains under a brilliant blue celestial dome with clouds floating by is more than enough reason to be thankful for being alive, if you ask us. But here’s our script for a Thanksgiving Day guaranteed to coax out your deeply contented self from wherever it may be lurking.

Zest and Variety with Our Special Thanksgiving Menu

Food is one of the absolute pleasures of living that never loses its lustre. Instead of preparing a never-ending spread of carvery, roast and other sublime gastric goodies, why not entrust yourself to our expert hands at Citrus & Palm?


Chef Paul Hancock is modelling Thanksgiving on the California vibes. Along with the traditional fare, the set menu will sport entries like spinach and walnut salad, chilled shrimp cocktail, maple bourbon-glazed Mangalitsa ham and apple streusel tarts at the affordable price of $59 per adult and $29 per child from 1pm to 8pm on November 22.

Leave the apron and utensils and home and join us in pleasantly mild scenery with your family and friends.


Luminous Wonderland at WildLights in the Living Desert

Once your sumptuous culinary celebration is over, it’s time to flex your legs and wander around the environs of Palm Springs to take in the views. Don’t miss WildLights – the 26th anniversary of the Living Desert coincides with this year’s Thanksgiving and will dress up the trees and flora of the park in over a million fairy lights.


Exercise your body and imagination after the food feast by taking a walk in the lit-up splendor, featuring sparkly animal lanterns depicting the herds of the desert, new illuminated pathways to explore and the much-loved tunnel of lights decorated with holiday music.

Opening on November 23 at 6pm, WildLights also brings joy in the form of live animal encounters, conversations about the fauna with their keepers, camel, carousel and train rides, nightly entertainment and yummy bites and drinks for those who can muster an extra dose of stuffing after the main show.

The event will run on selected dates until Christmas from 6pm to 9pm, so grab a ticket now and let the twinkling hinterland extend your Thanksgiving mood for another weekend.