Wildlife Wonders in Palm Springs

Contrary to popular belief, deserts are no dead zones. Coachella Valley temperatures might leap over 100°F in summer, but the Californian desert still houses a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna. You too can explore this warm climate and the novel animal and plant kingdoms bringing it to life in Palm Springs.

Get the best of both worlds with us: start your adventure into the open wild through our infinite back garden or pay a visit to the Living Desert Zoo Gardens if you prefer experiencing wildlife in a controlled environment. Adrenalin-chasers and play-it-safe families will both be satisfied!


An Animal Lover’s Dream

It’s the year of the giraffe at the Living Desert Zoo Gardens, but this isn’t the only desert creature that is celebrated in this wildlife sanctuary. Cheetahs, camels, leopards, lorikeets and many more hot-weather critters will give you a colorful Californian welcome.

These lovely specimens are homed, fed and taken care of in their natural habitat as part of a wider conservation, education and appreciation project encompassing the Colorado Desert area. Every single visit helps further the mission of the zoo and strengthen the community’s efforts in maintaining the desert’s ecological diversity.


Human interaction with wildlife is high on the agenda and you can feed the animals, participate in various chats about distinctive species and watch shows that bring out the animals’ best characteristics all in one eventful day.

You can make friends with (or admire from afar!) exotic animals ranging from African, Asian, North American and Australian amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals. Here’s the full list!


Uniquely Beautiful Botany

Desert trees, plants, flowers and shrubs also have the power to awe and steal hearts. These quiet living things blossom in the unforgiving Palm Springs heat and inspire wonder with bright hues and a tough, tenacious character that beats all climate odds.

The gardens of the Living Desert belong to a collection spanning over 1,400 different plant species classified under four broad categories: geographic, taxonomic, educational and landscape display. If you appreciate the cross-section of nature that flowers in silent beauty, you’ll surely bloom alongside the desert campanulas in the gardens.

Blue, pink and yellow splashes of color, species names as exotic as wolfberry and four-wing saltbush and a broadened botanical knowledge await!


Have It Your Way

Miramonte Resort & Spa is situated at the heart of this wildlife wonderland. You can follow your own lead and head out into the backcountry in search of wildlife highlights or get the Total Adventure Package for the Living Desert Zoo Gardens for just $17.95.

What’s more, we can go from affordable to luxury in the blink of a wildcat eye. Choose a suite to suit your vacation and tie up your travels with a fabulous pad that ticks off all the delectables of the desert: gorgeous furnishings, specialized spa, landscaped surroundings and fresh, local cuisine.

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