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Gift Certificates

Give the gift of pampering and relaxation with a gift certificate to the Well Spa at Miramonte Resort & Spa. Gift certificates are the perfect way to say thank you, happy holidays, happy birthday, or “I love you”! Now available for relaxing Palm Springs spa treatments.

Call 760-837-1652 to purchase a gift card today from our Indian Wells spa.



Zents spa rituals uplift the mind, body, and spirit with clean and organic ingredients like hand-harvested shea butter and natural botanicals, while leaving behind parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate, propylene glycol or dyes.


Why HydroPeptide

At HydroPeptide we believe the science of cellular health is our most powerful tool in developing effective treatments that have a meaningful impact on skin health.  Why Peptides?

Peptides are versatile and unique in their ability to send signals within the skin to help it act in a healthier, younger way.

Epigenetics, The Future of Skin Care

We focus on epigenetic principles, including peptide technologies, to formulate clinically proven skincare products that work to heal and promote optimal skin health at the cellular level. The result? Skin that not only looks and feels amazing but is strong and healthy inside out.

Geneticist Developed

Dr. Neal Kitchen, Ph.D. the chief geneticist behind our products, continually strives to crack the code for optimal skin health. He has an extensive research background in epigenetic regulation and cellular signaling responses, as well as aging mechanisms at the molecular level. His love of research and dedication to advanced skin care technologies allows HydroPeptide to develop effective skin care formulas that help build truly healthy skin.

Sciote Skin

We at SCIOTE SKIN have created the ultimate gift for your skin. Our products are made from only the purest essential oils and botanical ingredients. We believe these ingredients reflect the perfect balance of natural and certified-organic products which we have mindfully combined with the latest technology and science. We left no room for harmful sulphates, phthalates, parabens, dyes, toxic and harmful chemicals or artificial perfumes. So, when you use SCIOTE SKIN you can expect and receive the skin you have always wanted, the skin you deserve.

Fior Aine Jewlery

Fior Aine means “True Radiance.”  This incredible jewelry is handmade by a local Indian Wells artist. These creations carried at the Well Spa use genuine gemstones, crystals and natural elements. Palm Springs jewelry designs to help you find your inner True Radiance.